Wednesday, May 11, 2005



We live in a society that is stupidly wasting our natural resources through the senseless destruction of the environment. For future generations it is necessary to change the direction of our growth and progress to something that is ecologically sound.

Our settlement is based on family owned land where each family owns one hectare of land to be kept in the family for generations. One hectare with woods, fruit trees, garden and a small pond can provide the family with all of life’s necessities. By using long ignored methods of cultivating the earth and harvesting in the context of preserving the earth for future generations, this hectare of land will produce enough for the family’s use with surplus. Besides agriculture, every community can develop crafts that can provide for the people’s needs for manufactured goods.

The majority of people spend about 10 hours daily earning the money to buy two kilograms of food and for housing. This accounts for practically all of their useful time for life. With the use of “adobe” methods and/or timber, a person can build for himself inexpensive and practical housing of much better quality than that built by modern methods. Food grown in the garden is healthier and tastier than that purchased at the store.

A person can much more efficiently satisfy his needs and spend the tremendous resource of extra time exploring the arts, pursuing invention and on self improvement. The general implementation of these ideas can lead to significant improvements in health, reduction in crime, strengthening of family relations and harmonious self development. This would decrease technology related catastrophes and create a drastic reduction in the exhaustion of natural resources for industrial production, and even the reduction of travel expenses and refocus the expenditure of energy from manufacturing, to rebuilding tthe environment.

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