Wednesday, May 11, 2005



As you look back on your life, the moments that will stand out are the moments when you have done things for others.

Chairty Choice - the UK’s leading charity reference site

Care International - a global humanitarian organisation working with over 45 million disadvantaged people in 70 of the world's poorest countries

War on Want - fights poverty in developing countries in partnership and solidarity with people affected by globalisation. They campaign for workers' rights and against the root causes of global poverty, inequality and injustice.

Oxfam - working with others to find lasting solutions to poverty and suffering around the world.

ActionAid - one of the UK's largest international development charities. They help 13 million of the world's poorest people in Africa, Asia and the Americas to gain rights to education, food, health care and shelter.

Shape - enabling access to the Arts for disabled people for quarter of a century.

Amnesty International - a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

The Hunger Site - On average, over 220,000 individuals from around the world visit this site each day to click the "give free food" button and help feed the hungry.

The Rainforest Site - a sister site of the above, click the link and protect biodiversity.

Free Donation - again, donate with your mouse, it's easy.

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